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The Second Job

Angel’s first job post-college lasted under three weeks. It was a commissions-only sales job that required six days a week of door-to-door sales. The little time he had off was spent hanging out with his colleagues. While this was not mandatory, it was the climate of the organization and he was trying to fit in. He did remarkably well in the job, making around 5 sales his first full week out of training. The group seemed to like him and he was considered on the fast track to promotion.

 The problem was he hated the job and didn’t really like his colleagues. In addition, while he made sales, his net gain amounted to a $10 an hour at best when you factored in the hours he was spending at the job and the upcoming promotions weren’t going to translate into base pay or less time in the field.

b and I supported him fully when he decided to quit and pursue another type of job.

It has taken about a month (a month of him spending a lot of time at home feeling bored and unproductive) but he has just landed his second job. This job is for a large but privately-owned company that specializes in replacement china. He will start out as a temp for the first three months and then, if all goes well, will be hired as a permanent employee with a pay raise and benefits. He interviewed for three different positions and, when they gave him his choice, choose inventory. There will be extensive training involved and when it is all over he will be an expert in identifying china patterns. Today was his first full day and he seems to like it. 

It will be an interesting next step for him. 

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